We Are Madha

At Madha we will challenge your perceptions of Indian cuisine with the delicate and delightful flavours of North & South India.

Our chefs know a thing or two about Indian cooking, having honed their skills at some great establishments. We offer famed dishes from the Northern frontier of India as well as authentic renderings of Southern Indian specials, creating unique flavours that can only be achieved using sophisticated cooking techniques refined over time.

We bring together the wonders of Northern and Southern Indian food to create a new and thought-provoking food experience.

We can’t believe our luck. I’d be delighted to find a restaurant this good in India, yet Madha is on our doorstep.

Joanna Blythman, The Herald

Overall, a fabulous feast in lovely surroundings. 29/30

Tam Cowan, The Scottish Sun

There’s so much on the menu at Madha that I don’t know where to start – but then, that’s the beauty of a restaurant combining two different food cultures, north and south.

Gillian Loney, Glasgow Live